Study Go Work JAPAN August 2019

03 Sep 2019

We’ve just concluded Study Go Work JAPAN (Aug 2019)! It was an exciting journey for our 40 participants who flew from their home countries to Japan to take part in our interview fair held from 18th to the 23rd August 2019. Most were first-timers for our event, but there were several second-timers (who managed to secure a job offer this round!).

How was it like?

We could see the nervous faces of the participants when they first arrived in Japan. Well, who wouldn’t? But thankfully, they were quick to make friends with their fellow participants.


A welcome party was held on the second day for the participants to get to know each other. The third day was the real deal-breaker - the interview day. The interviews started at 9 a.m. and ended at 6 p.m. Participants had to go through at least 3 job interviews (the main criteria to be selected for Study Go Work JAPAN) and by the end of their final interview, they were very exhausted.

“It was a good experience, wasn’t it?”


Results for the first interview were released before the end of the day. Unlike other interview events, where the interview results are not immediate, Study Go Work JAPAN aims to complete the job-hunting process as fast as possible, without leaving anyone in the jitters.

Participants who were successful in the first round of the interview were invited to the second round of interview, this round with the upper management. It was tough, indeed. But those who persevered got what they dreamt of - a job offer in Japan!


Are you ready to join us?

Study Go Work JAPAN is an interview fair that runs for 2 days in a row. Invited students will be sponsored a fully-paid-for round trip ticket to Tokyo. Resume guidance and interview practices will be given to help you secure a job.

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