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Study Go Work JAPAN constantly finds ways for students increase their chances of having their dream of working in Japan come true. One of the many tried and tested ways of doing so is to help the students prepare better for interviews by helping them prepare answers to questions that usually appear during interviews, as well as understand the motivation interviewers have when they ask certain questions. More knowledge and understanding of the interview dynamics in Japanese companies allow students to avoid common mistakes that are made during interviews, which in turn makes them leave a better impression to the interviewers.

We have provided free Japanese language classes, guidance on resume writing, and interview practices to help students ace their interviews. Now we will take a step further and bring a more advanced Japanese language course to help better prepare candidates no matter which stage they are in their job hunting--from interview preparation, to preparing to live in Japan.

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Class Details

Further details will be communicated at a later via email.

As we receive a large amount of applications everyday, your application will not be considered if you do not fulfill all of the requirements as stated below.

We are looking for students...

> majoring in Engineering (Computers, Mechanical, EnTC, IT, Electrical, Instrumentation)
> Bachelors or Masters
> who will graduate in 2021
> Japanese language proficiency level: Conversational and up (around JLPT N3 and up, no certification required)


・大手企業とベンチャー企業 どちらがいいの?
 ① 現在どのような勉強をしていますか?
 ② 卒論(final year project )はなんですか?
 ③ 何故、日本で働きたいと思いましたか?
 ④ ずっと、日本で働きたいですか?
  ⑤ 両親はあなたが日本で働くことをどのように思っていますか?
  ⑥ 志望動機について
 ⑦ 最後に質問ありますか?と聞かれたら

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Deadline: 19th January 2021