About Us
At Study Go Work JAPAN, we transform the way students look for jobs.

We are sorry if we didn't manage to put things clearly.

Study Go Work JAPAN is an interview fair in Tokyo where you will be interviewed by leading Japanese companies.

Who will be participating?

It will take place over a course of 5 days.
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Japanese companies will offer you a permanent job placing if you're successful. Prior to the interview, we will guide you through resume-writing and provide mentorship to ensure that you're well-prepared for the interview. Don't worry about the cost of coming to Japan. Air tickets and accommodation will be fully paid for.
What are the benefits?

We know that it isn't easy to find a job, so we are here to help you out. Please visit our FAQ if you're still unsure.


Study Go Work JAPAN is the brainchild of ASIA to JAPAN.

We saw the need for skilled Engineers in Japan. We realized the lack of opportunities for foreigners to work in Japan. We at ASIA to JAPAN, wanting to bridge this gap, started Study Go Work JAPAN.

We work with top schools in Asia to provide free Japanese lessons to students.

Wonder if your school is working with us?