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Study Go Work JAPAN is an interview event held 7 times a year (February, April, June, August, October, November and December) in Tokyo, Japan. Joining us means you will be interviewed by major Japanese companies and if you're successful, you'll receive a job offer on the spot. Every round, we invite 40 - 50 students for this interview event. Flights to Tokyo and accommodation will be fully paid for. It's not all work and no play; there will be a day-off for you to tour Tokyo!

Application for Study Go Work JAPAN is FREE and there are no hidden costs.

What do you mean it's FREE?

We recognize the remarkable technical skills of students from Asia. In our many years of experience, we have seen many students who were deterred by the cost and the lack of support, and gave up looking for their desired job.

At Study Go Work JAPAN, we want to transform the way students look for jobs.

Who will be joining us?

Past Participating Companies

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> Fully paid for round-trip flight tickets and accommodation in Japan. There will be one day allocated for you to do sightseeing in Tokyo
> Resume guidance and Interview practices
> A permanent job-placing in Japan. Japanese worker salary package given
> Immediate job-offer. You will be notified of your interview results on the same day as your interview

Recent Success Stories

Listen to what our past participants have to say about Study Go Work JAPAN. What makes Study Go Work JAPAN so different and why should you join it?

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"As the participating companies are hiring Engineers, even if your Japanese proficiency is not that good, it is still possible to secure a job offer."

Nanyang Technological University, Male, Job offer from Ushio Inc.

"I think the training provided was very exceptional. Everyone had their own mentors which made communication more convenient and transparent. Plus, I got to make friends from other countries and experienced "Shūkatsu" (job-hunting in Japan)!"

Nanyang Technological University, Female, Job offer from TOMOEGAWA CO., LTD

"Air tickets and accommodation were fully paid for. I got to interview with all the companies within a day and the results were also released on the spot."

Soongsil University, Male, Job offer from MTG Co., LTD

How to Apply?


Securing a job in Japan is not as difficult as you think. We know that job applications can be a chore, so we are working hard to simplify it for you.


Step 1

Complete application form

As we receive a large number of applications, we might not be able to get back to you instantly. We will get back to you as soon as we review your application.

Step 2

Preliminary Selection

Participating companies will conduct a preliminary selection and applicants who have been selected by 3 or more companies will be given to golden ticket to Japan to take part in our interview fair.

Step 3

Interview in Japan

Fly over to Japan to participate in our interview event. You will receive a job offer on the spot if you're successful. Fully paid flights from your nearest airport to and fro Japan. Accommodation will be provided. There will be no hidden costs or whatsoever after getting a job offer.

Who can apply?


We do not want to disappoint you so we are clearly stating the requirements for Study Go Work JAPAN.
If you do not fit the requirements but you're eager to join, we will still accept and review your application.

Option 1

IT / Engineering Students

  • Majoring in Engineering or IT-related sujects (Computer Science etc)
  • Under 26 years old
  • Conversational Japanese (JLPT N4)

Option 2


  • Not majoring in Engineering or IT
  • Under 26 years old
  • Proficient in Japanese (JLPT N2 or N1)

When to Apply?


We want to be transparent with our schedule so that you will have ample time for preparation.

  • 10 July 2019:
    Registration deadline
  • 26 July 2019:
    You will be informed of your application outcome. 40 to 50 students will be invited to Japan
  • 18 August 2019:
    Come to Japan
  • 19 August 2019:
    Orientation and Welcome Party
  • 20 to 21 August 2019:
    Interviews with major Japanese companies. Job offers will be given on the spot
  • 22 August 2019:
    Company Visit
  • 23 August 2019:
    Return to your home country
  • Apr 2020 or Oct 2020 or Apr 2021:
    Begin work in Japan

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